[this is a ymoyl update.]

i’ve been debating what to do with extra cash from now on, wondering whether i should stockpile it in my money market account until it reaches a six-month cash reserve total, then starting to invest again after that. i’ve decided against it, and have scraped together $2,000 to be invested in notes this month. i looked into what it would take to liquidate the money i have in notes, and the treasury department’s selldirect program could have the cash to me in four days. i’d take a hit when i sold (how it would balance the interest i’d earned in the meantime would depend on how long i was able to hold it and what a brokerage would pay at the time of the sell), but i’d be able to get the money i needed with little fuss.

here’s to hoping i can sail through cleanly, but if i have to cash out, i can do it a bit at a time, selling notes after their biannual interest payments. even in the worst case scenario in which i have to sell it all, i’ll be starting over with so much more knowledge this time around. 🙂

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