[this is a ymoyl update.]

i updated the graphs for the end of the month and decided to put the investment income line back on the move, just to make progress visible. for the last nine months, when i was mainly paying down my mortgage, i left it at the total i’m actually making on treasury notes. now, i’m adding what i would make if i bought treasury notes with my current safely-held investment money.

by that, i mean money i’ve placed in a guaranteed investment (such as an fdic-insured certificate of deposit) which isn’t part of my cushion against unemployment. this is money i will definitely be getting back at some point and which will then go toward long-term investing. at the moment, that’s money i’ve put into cds.

in other words, the investment income line now reflects:

 (cd holdings * 0.04) / 12 + current monthly interest from notes 

or, for this month:

 ($4002.93 * 0.04) / 12 + $88.54 = $101.88 

(4% is where the 10-year notes are stuck.)

this will let me see how i’m progressing and is realistic, unlike my old computation of “what if i could invest all the money i have right now?”.

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