these are tracks from a tape i made during my first year of studying music in college, to send friends a sample of what i was doing. it was made with my trusty general electric boombox, and features the sound of its motor running.

this was so early in my studies, and a little embarrassing; please be gentle. the duets are somewhat better than the solos.

all the files are available in one place here.

composer title length
fernando sor minuet 02:04
this is one from a collection of thirty minuets by fernando sor which my teacher gave me so i’d have some easy sor that wasn’t as overplayed as the studies. nice harmonics. 🙂 i hope i became less violent with the fortes as time went on.
fernando sor minuet 01:54
another from the thirty minuets. i see in my copy of the score that my teacher was trying to get me to play with rubato; i hope you don’t get seasick.
luis milan pavane 2 02:50
one of milan’s haunting little pavanes.
hector villoud huaino 01:41
this is from a collection of argentinian music arranged by tomas pomilio. pardon the flubs.
pascual quaratino milonga 02:01
another from the argentinian collection. yikes, this was a little beyond me at the time. i wish i’d had it under my fingers well enough that the rhythm wasn’t so stilted.
johann anton logy partita in a minor, 1. aria 02:00
this was a great time-filler for gigs. playing background music at a party, you’d be amazed how many repeats you could get away with, with just bits of first-year student ornamentation. boy, the flubs and memory mistakes; i must have learned this the week before.
johann anton logy partita in a minor, 2. capriccio 01:58
johann anton logy partita in a minor, 3. sarabande 02:51
johann anton logy partita in a minor, 4. gavotte 01:39
johann anton logy partita in a minor, 5. gigue 02:05
erik satie gymnopedie 1 04:10
another gig favorite.
johann sebastian bach minuet 02:17
wow, i actually learned enough in the piano proficiency class to struggle through this!
john dowland come again 02:46
now a more fun part; friends! here’s geoff parrish belting out some dowland while i make like a lute.

geoff gets a little shatnerish at the end. just how hot was it?

franz schubert der wanderer 04:48
this may be the best thing i did this year. obscenely great music, and we nailed it as best we could at the time. geoff goes appropriately germanic and borderline psycho, and i actually hit the passages in thirds around 3:00. woohoo!
anonymous drewrie’s accordes 02:42
the rest of these are guitar duets with david ricketts. this is one of the renaissance staples of our bookstore-playing days. my trill’s bigger than your trill.
anonymous la rossignol 01:42
ferdinando carulli duet in g 02:20
a nice little tune for your book browsing pleasure. the score’s here.
ferdinando carulli fughetta 02:14
such a cute little fugue, you just want to pinch its cheeks. the score’s here.
mauro giuliani polonaise concertante op. 137, no. 2 06:43
this was such a nice surprise for me; i’d forgotten all about this fun piece. i didn’t think we were doing anything this good this early. i wish we’d made a second take and gotten the flubs out.

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