[this is a ymoyl update.]

my sister is hosting a family gathering at her home in north carolina over columbus day weekend. here’s how the travel methods broke down this time:


cost (round trip)

trip time (one-way)



9.25 hours



11 hours



1.5 hours



10.5 hours

the cost of the trip by car was estimated using these figures:

car rental with insurance:

$221.28 (cheapest economy car from bwi)


900 mile roundtrip / 30 mpg = 30 gallons * $3/gallon = $90

so, good news on the train front this time! it’s hardly more than the bus, and even if i owned a car, it’s only $32 more than the cost of gas and at least 32 times more pleasant than driving.

not owning a car is leading me to more options and more pleasant options than owning one has. if i had a car, i would just drive down by default like i always have. not having one has made me research the options and find that, for roughly the same cost, i can have a much more pleasant trip, one on which i can see a lot more scenery, don’t have the stress of driving, and can sleep or get up and walk around whenever i like. and bring my laptop and get a lot of work done on the trip, instead of working to catch up when i get back.

looking forward to traveling for a change!

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