in the spring of 1994, some umbc students put up signs announcing the formation of a “new music ensemble”. i went to the first meeting, and we talked about what we wanted to do for the year. someone was already composing something, so we would work with him on that. we also decided that each week, one member of the group would write a simple piece of music and bring it to the meeting, something everyone could sightread and play right away. i brought mine the next week, and was the only one who ever did.

it was named after “two pages” by philip glass and “in c” by terry riley. you can see the score here.

all the files are available in one place here.

composer title length
jeff covey two pages in c 10:01
this was at a concert in the fall of 1995. someone in the group suggested that we all play the first/last melody together at the end, each at our own tempo.
jeff covey two pages in c rehearsal 14:50
4/11/1994 — a couple of people from the ethnomusicology department were wandering the halls one day while we were practicing. they had an old reel-to-reel recorder they wanted to test, and asked if they could record us playing something. what a perky sound it got, with a good stereo split!

2 thoughts on “two pages in c

  1. Thank you for sharing this performance –
    your composition is fascinatingly brilliant.
    My connection is dial-up so the downloading has taken some time.
    While downloading, I recorded the first half of the audio in Sonar
    and played back my recording, starting at random locations, along with yours.
    I wondered if this would muddy up the sound but, if anything,
    it grew even richer. Amazing!
    I have recorded the entire audio in a midi format and saved the mp3 file.
    What do I owe you?


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