i’ve started transferring dad’s 8mm films to digital formats. i hoped
to do them all in a go, but it turned out that five of the reels were
exposed, but never developed. the ones which were are now here:


wonderful views of my brother jim and myself as the cutest preschooler
and the crankiest baby ever, respectively.

i’ll be looking for someone who can try developing the remaining reels
to finish the collection. in the end, i’d like to put them all together
in a dvd to share with the extended covey and mcmurray families.

if you were there at the time or have heard family stories, we could use
your help! we need any dusty memories you can recall about these
movies, who’s in them, when they may have been taken, and any other fun
facts about them. please post your comments under them, and feel free
to forward this to anyone who may be interested or able to help.

the titles i’ve given the videos (in quotation marks) are what was
written on the side of each reel, the only information which was
included with them.

in the description next to each, i put what i was able to gather from
watching them with mom and dad. (you’ll have to click “more info” to
see all of the text.)

with a couple of exceptions, there were no dates on the reels, so
they’re in a semi-arbitrary order. if we can figure out what years
they’re from, i’ll try to arrange them chronologically, and make a final
dvd with a chapter title for each explaining what it is.

so get those grey cells going, and let’s see what we can figure out

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