As my family did with our father’s last year, my cousin Patty has had my Uncle Ken’s 8mm home movies digitized. He got an even earlier start and took twice as much footage, almost two hours going back to 1958:

There’s even a few seconds of a three-year-old ring bearer, who (I’m told) broke into tears when he had to walk up the aisle with everyone looking at him, and had to be escorted by the bride and her father. 🙂

As before, please share any comments and ideas you have about what we’re looking at, who’s who, when they might have been taken, etc. I’ve put what we know about them so far in the description under each.

Many thanks to Patty for making these available. In addition to a lot of charming footage of Uncle Ken, Aunt Lena, and the kids, there are plenty more scenes of my generation at family gatherings, and it’s wonderful to have these memories available to us all.

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