While I’ve been fairly active on Twitter, I haven’t posted anything on my website since last Fall but an essay I’d actually written… last Fall. My neck and back have continued to hurt, and I’ve had to avoid spending more than the least possible time sitting at a computer or even sitting and writing by hand. It got so bad and seemed so unending that I started seeing a chiropractor in May, and submitting to the terrifying neck-twisting treatment I tried so long to avoid.

The combination of adjustments, a lot of exercise, and more time offline seem to have pushed me in a good direction. I made the leap of quitting my job three weeks ago. It seemed as though I was always making a little progress, then undoing it all when I sat down to work, and if I didn’t knock it off, someday I’d be unable to ever work again in the way I’ve traditionally done. I’m trying to cut back, cut back, cut back, and strike a healthier balance of physical to digital life.

As a result, I may find more time to jot down things I want to share and post them here. If not, try to take that as a good sign that I’m behaving myself and am outside somewhere getting the body going again!

Hope this finds you well and happy with a great Summer/Winter ahead.

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