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The first high school I attended closed at the end of my sophomore year. The rector videotaped events — and many non-events — throughout the year, and made copies for anyone who wanted them to take home. I digitized my copy a few years ago and posted a few clips from it. Now that YouTube allows long videos and upload speeds are reasonable, I’ve posted the entire thing, to commemorate what would have been my class’s 25th anniversary:

This is a 2010 digital transfer of a 1987 copy of a copy of a VHS tape from a 1980s camcorder, so… expect what you should expect. It’s the 80s, so beware the hair, beware the fashions, beware the music. It’s long, it’s slow, it’s fuzzy, it’s muffled, it’s repetitive… but it’s a cherished document of some great friendships.

If you always wanted eight hours of this, it’s yours for the binging!


One thought on “Kaleidoscope

  1. Jeff, Hello from St. Peter the Fisherman Church in Fairmont! This is Father Robert Perriello. I accidentally came across this blog with the video of St. Joe’s in Vienna on it, and enjoyed watching it! To my surprise, I discovered my three former Churches on the video, in Davis, Thomas, and Parsons, and even my name in the Thomas Church sign. I had completely forgotten about the choir trip coming to Tucker County all those years ago. I enjoyed watching the parts of the video I have seen thus far, and will finish watching it, but you gave me a huge blast from the past with all of this. Thank you!


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