[this is a ymoyl update.]

well, this page is up.


  • i’m simply using the sum of all the money i have in the bank as the amount of capital i have available at a given time for investment. that’s bogus, of course, since some of it will be coming due for taxes, car maintenance, yada yada. still, it should give a fairly good, if optimistic, picture. 🙂
  • since 05/2000, i’ve been investing each month in the domini fund, and i have over $6,000 in there. that can be discounted for these purposes, though, since it’s money that can be considered not available for (re)investment.
  • cbb doesn’t handle transfers between accounts very gracefully. i’ve tried to make sure a transfer doesn’t get treated as an income or an expense, but one or two may have slipped through. they shouldn’t effect the big picture.
  • there’s an occasional missing bank statement (see the source files for details), but that doesn’t really hurt the curves of the lines.


wow, that poor little third line barely even pokes its head up. 🙂

as for income and expenses, it’s coming back down from that insane housebuying leap, but i’m still living beyond my means, mostly from stupid stuff like

  • keeping a phone line on carey street just because i haven’t gotten around to getting dsl at my new place.
  • paying for earthlink dialup just because i haven’t taken the time to set up authenticated smtp so i can use the company’s dialup service.

i need to spend a day cleaning all that up, then i can take a look at how expenses have generally climbed along with income, and think about getting them back down to reasonable levels. this is where rereading the book and doing the steps about expenditures comes in. i have a feeling too much of it is going into food. i need to start cooking more instead of eating out all the time. well, we’ll see what the figures say.

i’m curious to see that little line start climbing. 🙂

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