[this is a ymoyl update.]

income and expenses are both still coming down, but look at that gap between them! evil evil bad bad evil bad!

well, i’m putting in some long-term work on it, making a list of the silly expenses — like the phone bill for the line at the old house that’s only there because i haven’t gotten dsl at the new one — and working on getting rid of them. then i need to get back to the book. i did get some more work done on step one, digging out some old paystubs and requesting a statement of earnings from the social security administration.

in related bad news, i see the treasury has decided to stop issuing 30-year bonds. bah. i’ve switched to using the interest rate from 10-year notes.

so outrageous spending this month plus a switch to a lower interest rate can’t make that poor little blue line happy — if i’d taken all my cash-on-hand and stuck it in the 11/7 10-year note, i’d be making $8.89/month. i wonder how far i could stretch that. 🙂

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