we received the second batch of photos from scancafe, and i’ve put them all online. between the scanned photos and the digital ones, the whole collection’s come to 196 photos, from turn-of-the-last-century portraits of glenn’s family through today:


i hope you enjoy them!

we bought a digital photo frame a few weeks ago, and i’ve been loading photos onto it and keeping it by glenn’s bed. it’s been wonderful asset. in addition to making an extra night light, it gives him a constant stream of happy recollections. i’d highly recommend one for anyone with short-term memory problems. it seems to act as both a comfort and a means of exercising more secure, entrenched long-term memories. as glenn grows more frightened of not having a firm grasp on what’s happening today, he seems reassured when he can accurately reminisce about the past.

thanks as always to everyone who’s checked on us and kept us in mind.

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