after my digitizing last winter, i decided to do the same for glenn’s photos. i got them all together and shipped half of them to scancafe (so we would have the other half in the meantime). i plan to get a digital photo frame (suggestions welcome!) so glenn can see a slideshow of them anytime.

the first batch just came back to us, and i’ve put them on flickr. using information written on the back of a few of them and what glenn can remember, i’ve tried to identify them and set dates and locations for them where possible. you’ll find them here:

enjoy! and let me know if you have any more information about any of them.

One thought on “glenn's memories

  1. Thanks so much for making these wonderful photos easily available. We were sorry to hear Uncle Glenn had been back in the hospital, please pass on our get well wishes. Take care.
    Linda & Eric


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