rather than make dozens of posts here, i decided just to put all of the news announcements from my old site on this one page.

new in june 2009

re-arranging the furniture

i’ve been moving bits (and bytes) and pieces of my digital life around. i’d like to share how i’ve been managing my various detritus and welcome your ideas for filling some of the gaps.

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memory lane

after seven months, i’ve finally finished digitizing all my photo prints and negatives, preserving my pre-digital pics from grade school through the late 90s.

i’ve put them on flickr. i’m happy with the amount of information flickr can save about photos and their various ways of presenting it. in addition to seeing them as i organized them, you can poke around and see them according to when they were taken (approximately, in many cases), see a map showing where they were taken, etc.

i hope you enjoy, especially if you spot yourself anywhere! maybe someday i’ll write some scripts to migrate https://jeffcovey.net/photos/ to flickr. for now, i’ll just continue putting any new images there.

new in april 2009

a cat’s life

my new camera can make time-lapse videos, so i was able to capture 12 minutes in the life of my cat. i should buy a large memory card so i can record several hours of the same.

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new in march 2009

multiple exposures

in the course of cleaning the basement, i found another box of cassettes, including one of this piece of music i thought was gone for good. i’m glad to get a copy digitized while the tape was still in good condition!

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live at last

the new version of freshmeat.net has gone live. congratulations to scoop and greg — go get some sleep!

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backing up flickr?

i’m thinking of moving my photos to flickr, and posted a question to metafilter about backup tools. please let me know if you have any tips to share.

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when it rains

the fates decided that having glenn in rehab for months didn’t keep me busy enough, so they added another course to my plate. after a few years of thinking about it, my boss dug into the herculean chore of producing the next version of freshmeat.net.

it’s looking great and i’m excited about it, but also a little anxious to get back to a regular schedule. life is upside down — i’m spending more time online and have gone from carfree to carlite to driving every day! it’s a 15-minute drive to rehab, and since how long he’d be there was uncertain, a daily drive trumped as the solution most economical of time and money.

i’m looking forward to the end of both situations and to giving the car and my screen-tired eyes a rest.

i wrote a series of short articles detailing what’s happening with freshmeat. scoop’s outdoing himself, as always.

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new in february 2009

clean hair once more

took some photos of the results of our bathroom renovation.

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new in january 2009


most of my visible online activity is happening in other places these days, so i’ve added boxes down the right side of my homepage with the most recent items from me-related syndication feeds.



i decided i may actually use twitter if i can jott to it from my cellphone, and don’t have to bother with sms messages.

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new in december 2008


pinapog is not a photo of glenn.

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new in september 2008

tai chi 2008

thanks again to paul, i have a tai chi video of myself for this year.

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new in august 2008

conspicuous carsumption

i deliquified a big chunk of cash this week.

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cellphone advice wanted

after a couple of duds, i’m looking for a usable cellphone. please chime in if you have any suggestions.

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new in july 2008

sailing away again

i added a new strategy for spending more time outdoors.

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new in june 2008

without a net

i’ve posted an article with some thoughts i’ve had lately about living with (and without) computers.

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new in may 2008

comment posting

i plan to post two articles here soon, so i finally got around to making comment posting a little more abuse-proof and re-enabling it. it’s been turned back on for a couple of days and has foiled the spambots so far, so give it a try if there was something added here recently about which you wanted to reply.

new in april 2008


i’ve posted some photos from a short trip to chicago.

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new in january 2008

just the tikit

hitting the town on my little wheels.

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new in december 2007

house no more

i had to pour time and money into it all fall, but the house is finally settled, less than three months after it went on the market. i posted my wrap-up thoughts.

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new in november 2007

my 43 things

i decided to use “43 things” to write about, find encouragement for, and seek help with my “four hour work week” “dreamlines”.

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new in september 2007

house for sale

my house goes on the market today. pass the word along if you know anyone looking for a home in the baltimore/washington area.

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hold me now

no longer falling for the neighbors.

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next steps on lodge road

how much more white could this be? and the answer is none. none more white.

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i wrote an article for freshmeat.

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new in august 2007

bach prelude 924a

i typeset one of the pieces i was planning to learn this summer before my summer went screwy. it’s here and off to mutopia.

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i was just approved for a beta account with grandcentral.com, which seems terrific so far. i’m curious to know what they’ll charge once they’re out of beta, but in the meantime, i’ve added a flash applet from them which you can use to call me. just enter your name and phone number, and they’ll call you and try to connect you to me.

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new in july 2007

move finished

everything’s been moved to linode now; let me know if you see any problems!



the computer that hosts jeffcovey.net started throwing kernel panics recently. it seemed to be overheating, and replacing the power supply and fixing the cpu fan helped for a time, but it’s continued to be stable for progressively smaller periods. i’ve decided to try hosting with linode instead of nursing it back to health.

it’s been very handy to have my server in the next room all these years and be able to add whatever hardware i want to it, but my life has become busy enough of late that it’s worth it to me to just pay someone else to worry about hardware and connectivity instead of spending a day with a screwdriver plugging and unplugging and coaxing a machine back to life every few months.

so far, i’ve been very happy with linode’s way of doing things, and they have a high reputation among the oftc crowd. we’ll see how it goes.

if you’re reading this, it means dns has propagated to you and you’re reaching jc.net at linode. i hadn’t planned to make the move quite so quickly, but when i woke this morning, the file transfer was done and the old server wasn’t even finishing its boot sequence, so i went ahead. not everything’s in place (comments are down for the moment), but at least it’s up and running.



i grabbed a few photos on my way through wheeling yesterday.

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rialto ripples redux

i offered my guitar trio arrangement of this george gershwin rag to mutopia back in 2003, but they were wary of the copyright and wouldn’t take it until 70 years after the composer’s death. gershwin died this day in 1937, so to celebrate, i updated the files for the latest lilypond version and will submit them to mutopia again. cross your fingers!

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tai chi video

thanks to one of my classmates, i’ve had the chance to watch myself practice tai chi for the first time!

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new in june 2007

perils of renting

i was just thinking it’s been so long since i posted anything on my personal site. well, here’s my summer fun so far.

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new in february 2007

33 years of progress

they don’t make ‘em like they used to.

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new in january 2007

new hard drive

we came back from a wonderful new year’s party[1] and slept for a day, then i got up and put the new hard drive that’s been sitting around for a few weeks into jeffcovey.net. it’s a fresh debian installation, but everything seems to be back up and running. let me know if you see any problems.

hope you had a happy holiday season with family and friends, and that the new year brings you all the best!

new in november 2006

frederick county bridges

one bridge, two bridge, three bridge tour.

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new in september 2006

jerusalem mill

photos are up from a recent excursion.

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new in august 2006

no longer in doubt

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new in june 2006

sorry, wrong number

my bright idea of the day.

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fish jumpin’, cotton high

film at 4:30.

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i’m so glad

i took progress report photos of the gladiolus shoots, ignored the many other brown spots without even this much poking out.

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rooooof reeeeevisited

i was back on a brighter day, and got some nicer photos.

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lodge road gets a new hat.

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new in may 2006

the black thumb strikes again!

can you dig it?

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don’t cross the streams!

saw an aberration in the ymoyl graph this month.

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new in march 2006

two pages in c

i added the score and a couple of recordings of something i wrote for umbc’s new music ensemble.

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senior recital recording!

i never thought the day would come, but i have the recording of my umbc senior recital to share at last.

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new in january 2006

bach inventions corrected

urs metzger found a couple of errors in the inventions, so i’ve updated my copies. thanks!

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happy new year!

i moved all the new items from 2005 onto their own page. hope the new year is a good one for you!

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new in december 2005

sor andante largo

i just finished an engraving i started five years ago. 🙂 i’m following mark van den borre’s good example and writing much neater source files now; i hope you enjoy it.

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what the house has cost

as a bit of year-end financial tidying, i’ve calculated what the house has cost and what i might expect if i sold it today.

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i stepped out of the house at 6:00 the other morning and walked through a small town that looked like it might not hurt anyone.

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new in november 2005

gambrill state park

we made our autumn scenery-seeing trip for the year.

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boordy vineyards

the photos from sunday’s trip are up.

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free money!

an offer from a bank i like prompted me to add some notes about how i bank these days.

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new in october 2005

hardware upgrade

thanks to pj for recommending a new motherboad for ye olde server. i now have a print server once again, and jeffcovey.net should be more reliable. the venerable pentium 200 with 96mb of ram has given way to an 800mhzish machine with a shocking 512mb of ram, so there should be no more waking to a screen full of out-of-memory errors. enjoy!


the weather up there

along with the family photos posted yesterday, colleen sent another photo of the big man.

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photos from one end of the train trip

thanks to colleen, i have three more photos from my trip.

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what the car cost

i tallied the whole business from purchase to sale.

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riding the rails

i had a wonderful trip. photos up.

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all aboard!

amtrak is back in my good graces, for at least one route. i wish the northeast corridor were priced more like this.

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dropping the weight of the car shoots my balloon into the clouds.

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new in september 2005

article on 43 folders

merlin mann was kind enough to post a short article i wrote on his fun blog, “43 folders”.

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the cost of the car trip and alternatives

i tallied the cost of my july trip and of alternatives i might use to make the same trip now that i’ve sold the car.

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saddle up

food lion, ho!

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off the road again.

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new in august 2005

wild goose jukai

thanks to kanzan, i have photos from last month’s sesshin.

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i want to ride my biiiiiicycle, biiiiiiiiiiiiicycle!

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new in july 2005

del.icio.us bookmarks

i find myself coming across items of interest which i’d like to share but which don’t necessarily warrant an addition to my homesite, so i’ve drunk the del.icio.us kool-aid, and started a public bookmarks list. if you’re interested, you can subscribe here.

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new in june 2005

carulli fughetta

i’ve added the score for a little fugue by carulli. you can hear dave and me playing it in the recordings section.

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car cost

i took the car in for its first service since i stopped using it regularly, at a cost of roughly half of my average monthly expenses for the last six months. blah.

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scores updated for lilypond 2.4

after working on-and-off for a few months, i’ve got all my scores working with and regenerated by lilypond 2.4.5. let me know if you see any problems.

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new investments

i posted a few notes about the new investments i’m making after burying my head in books this spring.

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sailing away

just add lemon and ice.

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new in may 2005

get on the bus

i’ve posted some thoughts on the six-month anniversary of letting my car rest.

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snip… snip… snip…

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i’ve posted a list of ideas which i hope you may find helpful.

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i’ve expanded the list of recommended books i used to keep in my simplicity section, and moved it into a section of its own.

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books for sale

i’m down to two cds for sale on amazon, but have been going through my stack of guitar music and instruction books, and added a dozen of them to the list. somebody seems to want them; two sold before i got around to putting them here. 🙂

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common wisdom has always told me that if you have the chance to invest in a 401(k) plan, you should jump at it. i’ve never been so sure, and even after being tempted again recently, i’m still ambivalent at best. what can you do when you’d like to participate, but all your options are awful?

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new in april 2005

the second batch of mp3s

here’s me by myself around junior recital time.

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mp3s of my music days

here’s one from the long-time-coming department.

i finally got around to getting some of the recordings from my college days digitized. i ended up just going back to the umbc recording studio, and they did a great job. unfortunately, they weren’t able to give me the only thing i really wanted, mp3s of my senior recital. after three months, they said they no longer have a dat player, and couldn’t transfer it, nor the two other dats i had. 😦 if anyone has a lead for getting this done, please let me know.

in the meantime, we’re stuck with what they could transfer, the cassettes. the first batch combines the low-definition charm of the microphone on my boombox with the earnest but ability-challenged efforts of myself and friends during our first year at school. enjoy!

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cds for sale

i went through my remaining cds and found that more are now listed on amazon, so i’ve updated my forsale page. take a look if you’d like some music.

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as part of spring cleaning, i’ve finally read through and purged with extreme prejudice the huge, incriminating folder of embarrassingly awful poetry, short stories, and plays (!) i wrote in high school and college. out of it all, i found one poem that i thought was worth typing and keeping. it runs the risk of glorifying people who were essentially invaders, but i think that at least the writing is good, and it gives a little look into their own varying perspectives.

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new in march 2005

yes, i’m still here

if you haven’t seen anything new here in a while, you can at least enjoy what isn’t here now. 🙂 for the past few weeks, i’ve been going through my site bit by bit, day by day, and cleaning out a lot of the cruft that has accumulated over the years. i hope it’s getting a bit clearer and simpler.



i took some photos of some transient beauty.

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investment income back on the move

i did the monthly ymoyl update and started projecting investment income again to give myself visual assurance that i’m going somewhere.

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new in january 2005

o magnum mysterium updated

the victoria score’s been updated for lily 2.4 and sent to mutopia.

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lilypond at last!

i suppose some dist-upgrade must have made me worthy at last; the contributed lilypond 2.4 package finally works for me, so i can do some of the projects that have been waiting for it. the first is an update to the bach air score from joe neeman. in addition to using a newer lilypond, it now provides both score and parts. thanks, joe!

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new year’s tradition

i’d like to invite you to share in my new year’s tradition: read the first chapter of walden once a year.

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new in december 2004

a temporary problem of liquidity

i’ve posted my year-end thoughts about my investing project.

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all those pictures…

at various times, i’ve taken lots of photos of this and that, and posted them here. now i have vindication and a reason to recommend the practice.

my tenants evicted me from my house, so i had to switch from an owner-occupied homeowner’s insurance policy to a rental property “fire dwelling” one. my former insurance company doesn’t offer such a policy, so i had to switch companies. i was hoping to make the switch on the first of the year. the agent who was helping me over the phone said that normally, the company wants to inspect the house before writing a policy, but that if i had any pictures i could email him, he could try to talk them into accepting that. i assured him i had dozens.

i sent him a link to my house pictures. an hour later, he called back and said they’d accepted them. we went through his long list of questions, and he could confirm most of what i said through the photos. when we came to my claim from last year, i directed him to the fall 2003 directory. i could hear him hitting “page down”, saying, “ok, there’s the damage… hey, and there’s the new shed. great.”

the policy was approved instantly, and i didn’t have to wait up to 45 days for someone to come and see the house.

i hope he enjoyed leebert’s special gift.

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i’ve wanted for a long time to digitize my jukai photos and use one in making a short page about zen. i finally have the photos, and the page is up.

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creative commons

back in 1998, i placed all the original content on my site under the opencontent public license, a license similar to the gpl but not so software-specific. opencontent is no more, and the much better and much better-known creative commons has taken its place. i’ve switched to the creative commons attribution-sharealike license and put a notice at the bottoms of my pages. i’ve also added metadata, so if you use the nifty mozCC, you can see what’s what at a glance.

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more gnuplot fun

i learned a little more gnuplot, and my graphs are now a bit purtier and more legible.

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netflix friends

i like netflix’s service, even though they may win the award for worlds… slowest… website…. they just sent me notice that they’re testing a “friends” feature which lets people see each other’s ratings and comments on movies. i can’t think of anyone i know who uses netflix. if you do, let me know, and we can try it out.

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new in november 2004

a pair of thanks

i want to thank a couple of free services i’ve found which have helped make my homesite better.

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the cost of having a car

i did some computations this evening and came up with some very disturbing figures.

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correction to bach invention 15

alert reader chris lamb saw that there was a mistake in bar 16 of this bach arrangement. this was something i simply transposed from the mutopia copy and never got around to really arranging. the mutopia copy had a mistake, so it found its way into mine. i’ve fixed my file and sent a corrected version of the original file to mutopia. thanks, chris!

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new in october 2004

spoke too soon

i had a nice surprise in this month’s mortgage payment.

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carulli duet updated

ruud van silfhout of the mutopia project wrote me to say that he had updated my carulli lilypond file to work with the latest version of lilypond. i’ve added his copy to my homepage as well, and regenerated the corresponding files. thanks!

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freecycle carpet

freecycle has made us look a little less slobish.

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mortgage graphs

i added two graphs to my ymoyl pages to convince myself that something’s really happening there.

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the penn belle hotel

the last item from “to scan”: the penn belle business card (see the two images at the bottom of the page). bellefonte’s largest!

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jukai photos

continuing with the contents of the “to scan” folder, i’ve added the photos from my jukai ceremony (taking the lay zen buddhist precepts).

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for several years, i’ve had a folder labeled “to scan”, filled with things that i wanted to scan into a computer. i finally accepted the fact that i’m not going to get a scanner, and took it all to kinko’s today. a cute dedicated machine from kodak scanned it all and burned it onto a cd for me. one of the items in the folder was a portrait of me which a coworker drew four or five years ago.

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new in september 2004

photos of san jose

i just got around to putting up some photos from 2001.

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links to palmos applications’ homepages

phil! asked that i link to the palmos projects’ homepages where possible, so links are now available. unfortunately, many applications were written long ago and forgotten, and have no definitive home on the web. others have gone commercial, and the free versions have been removed from the authors’ sites. in at least one case, google says i’m already the de facto authority. 🙂

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three nice palmos applications

i recently found three palmos applications i like: ksdatebook, plan-my-day, and “working hours”. (and kstodo, for completism.)

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powered by google

i’ve decided to stop having my hard drive ripped apart by htdig every day and just join the great washed masses who let google do the work. if you use the search box at the bottom of any page here now, you’ll get what google knows about what i know about what you want to know. let me know if you see any problems.

new in august 2004

freecycle’s future

i’ve been a moderator of freecyclebaltimore for a month now, and the experience has bothered me. i’ve put down my thoughts about it.

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now that i have a camera which can take photos at ridiculous-by-web-standards resolutions, i’m getting tired of how ugly my photos pages look with 1600×1200 images wedged into them. i rewrote that section of the site so that clicking on an image from an index takes you to a page with a version of the photo at 800×600 or less. clicking that version takes you to the full one if you really want it.

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winter sunrise

i looked in ~/camera/tmp/ and found some photos i took of the sunrise behind my house last december.

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don’t park at d.c. metro stations

i used to think washington, d.c. had a great subway system, but the people running it have suddenly gone quite insane.

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trip to gettysburg

glenn asked me to take my camera with us on a trip today, so i brought back some photos.

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natural burial

an email prompted me to take a look around the web, and i found it’s becoming easier to let your body do what it was meant to do after you die.

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more wild goose photos

steve and kurt went to wild goose last month. steve brought back stacks and stacks of photos, and i stole my favorites to put here.

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new in july 2004

forsale updated

a number of items i had for sale on amazon silently dropped from the site. i’ve updated all my listings; have a look and see if there’s anything you’d like.

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dad’s 80th birthday

i spent last weekend visiting family and celebrating my father’s 80th birthday. i stole my brother john’s photos to put here.

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fahrenheit 9/11

i’ve added my few brief thoughts about the movie.

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tall ships

glenn and i took a long walk today, and i took a bunch of photos.

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how to get (and give) free stuff

the internet’s providing great new resources for sharing what you have and getting what you need.

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new in june 2004

driveway sealant

i learned the joy of driveway sealant today.

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comments system

i decided i wanted to make it possible for people to leave comments again, so i’ve added a comments system to the site. i looked around for something to use, but was unhappy with everything i found, so i wrote it from scratch. every page now has a “comments” link at the top which you can use to view comments about that page and post your own. i’ve tested it to the extent my programming skills allow, but it’s very possible it could have a bug or two or seven. please give it a try and let me know about your experience with it. it’s very simple and is currently flat only, but i’m recording parent-child information, so it could be made threaded later if it turns out that would be a good thing. enjoy!



i wrote an article for freshmeat about a handy piece of software.

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rss feed and more

the frontpage news is now available in an rss feed here for those who like getting news through rss aggregators.

in the process of doing this, i made three other changes. first, each news item in a table of news like the one on the front page can now have a link associated with it that leads to whatever it discusses. this is used as the link for the item in the rss feed and is offered under the item on the news table.

secondly, i’ve started linking to specific pages instead of general ones on the frontpage. so, for example, an item about carcassi study 18 links directly to study 18′s page, and an item about my driveway links directly to the page with photos of the driveway. i originally avoided this because i use a table of definitions to make it easy to link to other parts of the site and have all references to that part updated sitewide with a change to one file if the part moves. (yes, i could do this dynamically, but statically-generated pages are my story and i’m sticking to them for now.) so, i would just link to “photos” instead of the specific photos i was talking about, and leave it to people to find their way. i’ve decided to just suck up the eventual broken links and deal with them as the linkchecker finds them.

lastly, each item in a news table now has a name anchor attached to it, which means that i can link directly to that item instead of just to the top of the page. you can see this with the ymoyl items, which go straight to the comments to which they refer.

i hope you enjoy this. if you use the rss feed, please let me know how it’s working for you.


new photo

though i’ve loved the photo of myself with warren’s cat, it’s four years old, and it’s time for something that looks more like i do now. every few years, my brothers and sisters and i give photos of ourselves to my sister marie, who puts them into a frame to give our parents. glenn and i took some photos today to try to get something usable for the gift. i liked one of them particularly, so it’s now gracing the front page here.


ymoyl update

i’ve finally made an update on my ymoyl page.

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new in february 2004


for a year or more, i’ve kept a list of things i have for sale in /tmp/amazon/. i may as well move them to somewhere more people will find them.

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new in january 2004


no changes. i just thought i’d have two announcements in a row for once. 🙂


happy new year!

if i made resolutions, perhaps i’d resolve to invest more time here in the coming year. but i doubt you’d believe me. at least the graph has been updated. i hope you’re happy and healthy and on the way to all your goals, as well.

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new in december 2003


i bought a small shed and a lawn mower. the neighbors rejoiced. photos are up.

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new in november 2003

wild goose chase

pete and i drove to massachusetts to attend the first sitting at jiro osho’s new zendo. i brought back photos.

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new in october 2003

new camera

the old agfa finally died. i bought a new camera, and it arrived just in time to take photos of a daytrip to west virginia.

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new in september 2003


hurricane isabel blew through lodge road, but knocked all the trees away from the houses. my shed took a hit and was destroyed; photos are up.

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the graph has been updated with the mortgage-free august totals.

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new in august 2003

lilypond 1.8.0

lilypond 1.8.0 has been released! i’ve upgraded and am regenerating all my scores with it. let me know if you see any problems.

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new in july 2003


i took advantage of the great interest rates and refinanced my mortgage. details on the ymoyl page.

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new in june 2003

been a bit busy

when glenn and i woke at 5:15 on 6/9, he was having trouble walking and moving his left arm. we got to the emergency room before 6:00, and he stayed at the hospital for the next four days. i’ve been staying with him and helping since i brought him home. he had a stroke and still can’t control his arm, but he’s just tired more than anything.

that’s where i’ve been. i hope you’ve had less excitement.

new in may 2003


i was driving along yesterday, and saw a patio table with a “free table” sign taped to it. score! there’s a photo of it on my deck somewhere in the photos section.

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carcassi 9 done

it’s finished, and submitted to mutopia.

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carcassi 7 and 9 proofread

i’ve made corrections to 7 and 9. once i get an answer on how to fix the double bar problem in number 9, they’ll both be complete and correct.

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rialto ripples copyright

chris@mutopia looked into rialto ripples and decided that while it’s out of copyright in the u.s., it won’t be out of copyright worldwide until 2007, so he can’t make my arrangement available on his server in the u.k. you’ll just have to get it from here if you want it.

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carcassi 18

for no apparent reason, i started on carcassi 18. (p.s.: 14, too.)

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carcassi 9

i’m learning more about fine-tuning lilypond’s dynamics and text spanners. i’ve had to ask the list a question about a repeat bar not appearing. once that’s answered, this should be done.

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carcassi 9

while i was in a lilypond mood, i finished entering the notes to carcassi study 9. once i add the dynamics, it will be done.

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rialto ripples

rialto ripples is done. i’ll get it off to mutopia in the morning.

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the driveway was paved a week ago today. i’ve added a photo to the photos of the house.

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change in recording mortgage payments

i’ve changed the way i record mortgage payments on the ymoyl graph.

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yes, i’m still working on my finances. i update the ymoyl graph each month, but haven’t taken the time to make comments about it. i’ve just added some commentary about changes in my accounting system, and backdated them to february, when they were made.

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carcassi study… 9

well, it turns out the person who requested study 7 (from his edition) meant study 9 in my edition. i’ve started on it.

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new in april 2003

carcassi study 7

someone wrote to ask for study 7, so i’ve added it to the scores section.

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scores update

i upgraded my copy of lilypond, and found several nice new features. i rewrote the makefile for my scores section, and it looks a bit better now, with preview images for each score.

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new in february 2003

the big one

i’ve put up photos of my experiences with the biggest smowstorm in baltimore’s recorded history.

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new in january 2003

baby’s christmas present

happy new year! i’m afraid the first post of it won’t be terribly exciting; i’m just reporting that i took photos of baby interacting with her gift. 🙂

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new in december 2002


the east coast was hit by a storm. i took photos.

new in october 2002

no time to say anything just now

just thought i’d poke my head in and point out how poorly i’ve followed through on the intention i once had of adding to my website every day. 🙂

it could be worse. i could go to the other extreme, and blog.

new in september 2002

photos index redone

i finally got around to making the photos index more legible.


photos of okc

i didn’t take any photos in okc this year, but nick took a couple hundred. i’ve put the work-safe ones up.

new in august 2002

financial update

a lot has happened in the last few weeks. i just got around to updating my ymoyl page with news about it.



wrote a poem.

new in july 2002


glenn and i spent the weekend running around centre county, pennsylvania. i took photos.


ymoyl graph updated

the graph has been updated.

new in june 2002

ymoyl investment projection updated

i updated my projection of the possible results of my current investment methods, and added some comments on it.


rialto ripples started

i started adding my guitar trio arrangement of gershwin’s “rialto ripples” to the scores section.


ymoyl graph updated

i updated the graph with last month’s values. things are back to normal after tax month.

new in may 2002

o magnum mysterium done

i finished the victoria score. after i clear up a couple of cosmetic touches, i’ll submit it to mutopia.


air done

i finished it. i’ll proofread it and get it off to mutopia.


more on the air on the g string

i haven’t touched this score in ages. it’s almost done. i need to finish it and get it off to mutopia.


first ymoyl investment

i made my first federal note purchase today, and put up a long comment reflecting on it.



wrote a poem today.


ymoyl graph updated

my bank statement came today (!), and i balanced it and updated the graph. what an odd month april is… 🙂

new in april 2002

spring! spring!

the azalea bushes are about to fall over from the weight of the flowers. i snapped photos like mad.


daniel’s farewell party

it’s only six months later, but i’ve put up the photos from daniel’s farewell party at simplex.



spring is exploding around lodge road. i’ve put up some photos.


ymoyl monthly tabulation for march

my monthly tabulation for last month is up.


books on simplicity

i’ve put a list of recommended books in my simplicity section.


ymoyl graph updated

i updated the graph today. more bad expenses this month, but at least the lines crossed again.

new in march 2002

ymoyl monthly tabulation for february

my monthly tabulation for last month is up.



i’ve started using a pricebook! you can read all about it here.

new in february 2002

ymoyl monthly tabulation for january

my monthly tabulation for last month is up. things are progressing nicely.



i bought a car. i believe it was a good deal, but i still feel uneasy about plunking down so much money. but it’s beautful. 🙂 photos are up.


bach invention 2 guitar duet arrangement

a couple of guitarists wrote that they were looking for music, so i adapted an invention for them.


bach — complete two part inventions

i’m working on making a book from the complete mutopia scores.


moovie reviews started

i put up some thoughts about gimme shelter.


ymoyl graph updated

i balanced the checkbook and updated the graph. w00t! the lines crossed! 🙂

new in january 2002

bach invention 12 started

made a start on it. whoa! autobeaming is rocks! 🙂


bach invention 9 done

finished it and submitted it to mutopia.


bach invention 9 — notes done

notes are done. need to add ornaments, etc.


bach invention 9 started

allen says he’s not going to finish the scores for the two-part inventions. he was just three away from having them all done! i added number six to mutopia the other day, and started on number nine tonight.


ymoyl monthly tabulation for december

my monthly tabulation for last month is up.


bach invention 6 finished

i noticed it was missing from mutopia, so i polished up my score and submitted it.

new in december 2001

ymoyl december graph

the graph has been updated.


ymoyl monthly tabulation for november

woohoo! after years of getting around to it, i did my first monthly tabulation of my expenses and how they fit into my thinking.


bach french suite arrangement?

i’m playing around with the idea.



wrote a poem.


ymoyl, november edition

the bank statement came in the mail today. i balanced it, then did my income/expenses/investment calculations. yuck. 🙂

new in november 2001

your money or your life

i’ve put up a graph i’m using to help me think more carefully about my finances.


backyard photos

fall! i took a couple of photos of the backyard.


o magnum mysterium lyrics

yay! lilypond has new features that make entering lyrics amazingly easy. i added some more to the victoria score.

new in october 2001

back from palm springs

i’m back from my trip. put up photos.


how i’ve been feeling lately

Desert Places
by Robert Frost

Snow falling and night falling fast, oh, fast
In a field I looked into going past,
And the ground almost covered smooth in snow,
But a few weeds and stubble showing last.

The woods around it have it — it is theirs.
All animals are smothered in their lairs.
I am too absent-spirited to count;
The loneliness includes me unawares.

And lonely as it is that loneliness
Will be more lonely ere it will be less –
A blanker whiteness of benighted snow
With no expression, nothing to express.

They cannot scare me with their empty spaces
Between stars — on stars where no human race is.
I have it in me so much nearer home
To scare myself with my own desert places.

new in august 2001

o magnum mysterium — finished the notes

you can listen to it all now. on to the text…


more on o magnum mysterium

someone sent an email saying he wants to use the victoria score, so i worked on it some more today. finished the notes up to the first break.


carcassi #5 notes done

as the title says…


much more legible weight graph

well, this is silly. i never noticed that gnuplot can output a png directly, so i don’t have to do the postscript-to-png kludge i’ve been doing. the graph on my weight page is now soooo much clearer.


more on carcassi #5

added some more notes.


more on carcassi #5

added a couple more lines to the score.


guitar waltz score fragment

i’m unpacking stuff at the new house, and came across a piece of paper with something i jotted down long ago. nothing special, but i may as well put it into the computer. maybe someday i’ll do something with it.

new in july 2001


well, i’m living in the new place and liking it. i liked working on the yard for two days, until this happened:

“several people have been asking what happened to me, so i typed up this form letter (sorry for the rubber stamp nature of it):

my new house has been sitting empty since december, so the yard needs a lot of work done. the friday before last had beautiful weather, so i took advantage of it to get out and make some progress. the next morning, i put in a couple more hours until someone called and invited me down to artscape.

i’m highly allergic to poison ivy, so i’m paranoid about it and watch out for it all the time. i spotted a poison ivy plant in the front yard, and gave it a wide berth, so friday went ok. there’s a fence out back that i want to tear down. one side of it is covered with vines, so on saturday morning, i started pulling them off it. there must have been a surprise hiding in there that i didn’t see, because i woke up at 3:00 sunday morning, itching.

for the first couple of days, it was all on the place where a man doesn’t ever, ever want to get poison ivy. i’ll leave that to your imagination.

as the days went on, the rash started popping up all over the place — legs, arms, chest, face… all over. the worst part was that blisters formed between the fingers of both hands. for the first few days, i tried typing, but had to accept that moving my fingers was causing the blisters to pop open, and making it take even longer to heal, so i switched to catching up on reading and doing things that just involved pointing and clicking.

i’m still remarkably miserable and wake up itching 3-4 times a night, so don’t expect a whole lot out of me, but i wanted to let it be known that i’m able to communicate again. :)”

i’m all better now, with just a few scars, and i’ve been busily trying to catch up on work.



spent most of yesterday at my new place. so blissfully quiet. 🙂 the phone service won’t be turned on until thursday, though, so i have to head back into carradioland to get bandwidth. 😦


carcassi study 4 notes done

finished the notes. just need to do dynamics, etc. now.



i’m back. but gah! i’m exhausted. off to bed. talk to you later.

new in june 2001


i have to be at doug’s place at 7:15 tomorrow morning to leave for dbz, so i’m going to sign off for now and do the few chores i have left. i’ll be back on july 5th; see you then.

p.s.: bought the house today! 🙂


settlement in the morning…

leaving for sesshin the next day. checking things off the todo list today.


photos from last august

i just put up photos in the downtown baltimore section from a walk i took last august (yeah, yeah…).


more on carcassi study 3

almost done with the notes.


more on carcassi study 3

finished the notes for the 1st half.


carcassi study 3

started entering the 3rd study. mmmmm… lilypond has some nice features for making it easier to enter things now. 🙂


carcassi study 2 notes done

finished the notes. just need to do dynamics, etc. now.


more on carcassi study 2

a long time ago, i planned to:

  1. learn the 25 carcassi studies, op. 60.
  2. make lilypond files of them all, so there would be a free copy of them available on the internet.

so, i was doing the work slowly, using the second job to help with the first — i would only enter the notes into the computer from memory, to test my memorization, then double-check them against the original. practicing the guitar is no longer part of my life, so i should just moove on with the second part of the plan. i worked on study #2 a bit today.


more palmos apps

i added launcher iii and whatzup, a couple of palmos apps i’ve started using. i’ve actually started putting appointments in my visor. frightening. i wish yahoo!’s palm sync system weren’t useless. 😦


house house house house house house house

contracts, home inspection, mortgage interview, homeowners insurance, job gap letter, termite inspection, bank statements…

a week and a half until settlement!


still around

yeah, i’m still here. i had my wisdom teeth extracted tuesday (with only local anesthetic, so i got to lay there and listen to *crack* *crack* *crack* *snap* *crack* as they were yanked out of my head), and spent much of the week in a drug-induced stupor. how do people get addicted to vicodin? it just made me go to sleep. i guess if you really like sleeping…

anyway, i did at least put up the photos from the umbc lug resurrection meeting.


burning storefront

the zendo where i practice just got its own place. i’ve put up photos chester and i took a few weeks ago when we went to look at the place.

new in may 2001

another day, another house

yep. more photos of the latest house. i also stuck up some of the one i saw on 05/18.


my favorite palmos applications

a friend just bought a visor, and this prompted me to put copies of my favorite palmos applications here.


another house

since westland boulevard fell through, i’m still looking. just put up photos of the latest possibility.


tired of checks

i’m tired of dealing with checks. it takes me forever to get around to driving them to the bank, so i’ve made a link to my paypal account so people can send payments to me over the web. if you owe me money for some reason, please use this.


mozart k545

yay! someone added it to mutopia, so i’ve deleted my unfinished version from my site.


house hunting

i put up some photos from my recent unsuccessful bit of house hunting (see my rambling from a couple of weeks ago).



i got up at 4:00am yesterday and drove to roblimo’s house on the first leg of a trip to boston for another osdn site directors meeting. was there all day, then flew back and got home at 11:00pm. i don’t know how/why people do this sort of thing on a regular basis. i’ve been standing at the laptop all day trying to catch up and feeling a bit unplugged.


pdf versions of the scores

some time ago, i looked into generating pdf versions of my scores, and wasn’t happy with the results; the pdf version wasn’t nearly as sharp as the postscript version, at least on the screen. i tried again, today, and it looks much better! more importantly still, i printed a pdf of a score, and it looked great, so i’m now including pdf files in the scores section. if you have a pdf viewer set up as a plugin, you’ll be happy to find that you can view the scores right in your browser.

new in april 2001

a little peace and quiet

i’ve been thinking about finding another place to live. i sat down with the laptop today and wrote a little bit about it. well, wrote quite a lot, actually.



we had a three alarm fire on my street this morning. i took photos.


simplex redux

i took more photos of the simplex kitties, and just got around to putting them up.


pool number 2

i took some more photos at druid hill park. it seems that old pool has more history than i knew.


hamfest finished

yay! all the junk’s gone. final photos are up.

new in march 2001


i’m spending the weekend at the hamfest selling hardware to raise money for gits. photos of our table are up.



i went over to the progressive action center to talk with the people there about whether they could use some computers from gits. took photos.


zendo hunt

our zen community is looking for a home. i was glancing through a list of places for rent and came across a 5 bedroom, 2 bath house renting for $300. there’s no way i could resist finding out what that was all about, so i went and found it and brought back photos.


rain, rain, stay stay stay

hooray! i stayed in and got quite a lot done today. closer and closer to being caught up with work. still have 142 messages waiting in /var/spool/mail/jeff, but at least that’s 1/2 of what i had a few days ago.


eastern shore photos

i put up the photos i took a couple of weeks ago on maryland’s eastern shore.


crab canon

i added a crab canon by bach to my scores section.


photos of the 4th of july cookout

steve had his photos of the cookout developed, and i’ve put them up here.



yikes! i haven’t even been tracking my weight, let alone adding anything here. well, those of you who watch it religiously will be happy to see a new entry on the chart.

new in february 2001

cross country

i wrote a poem on the plane. been a long time since i did that. 🙂



yes, i’m still around, but too busy to do anything here. leaving to visit a friend in san jose tomorrow; maybe i’ll get something done while i’m there. 🙂


lwce photos

i put up my photos from linuxworld expo.


stop it! stop it now!

i have over 800 freshmeat support messages to read about the site upgrade. stop emailing us! 😉

new in january 2001

off to new york

blah! the days have just been a blur. i’m off to new york in a little while. if you’re at linuxworld, stop by the osdn booth and say hi. and watch freshmeat tomorrow. 🙂


where have you been??

how time is flying these days! i’m sorry i’ve not done anything here for two weeks. we’ve been doing a lot of work at the agape house, and i’ve been over there a lot. next week is linuxworld and another osdn site directors meeting, so i’ve been getting ready for that. the biggest news is that freshmeat ][ will be coming out soon! been doing beta testing in the few spare moments…

well, anyway; i’ll get back to this site when i can. 🙂


inner harbor photos

i just put up some photos i took of the inner harbor in august (yeah, i know, i know…).


dan’s photos

a roll of film that dan exposed has been laying around for years. i had it developed, and put up the photos.


invention 6 done

finished it.


more on invention 6

halfway through the second half now.

new in december 2000

sorry i’ve been gone again

i spent a good chunk of time the last few days rewriting the scripts for another site i run and working on inventorying gits donations.


mpegs in the scores section

i started generating mpegs from the midi files in my scores section, for the benefit of those who have sound cards with lousy midi support. i’ll probably keep this up until i want the disk space back. 😉


more on invention 6

started on the second half.


invention 6, 1st half done

finished the first half of the invention.


bach invention 6

i started adding invention 6 to my scores.



i’m tired of having to travel to different pages every day, so i put up a comics page.


flea photos

i have mountains of photos sitting around that i haven’t put online yet. i just added the ones of last summer’s flea infestation.


at last! at last!

everything i wanted to move from my old site to my new one is now here. redirections are in place at the old site. welcome to everyone who’s here for the first time.


pretty much here! 🙂

almost everything from my old pages is now here. i’ll add the few remaining stragglers in a day or two. enjoy. 🙂


simplicity section transfered

yay! i got my footnotes code kind of working, and transfered the simplicity section.


invention done

bach’s invention number one is done. off to submit it to mutopia


more on bach’s first invention

i added some more notes to bach’s invention number one.

new in november 2000


getting closer all the time. 🙂



yeah, still moving stuff as i get the chance.



moved my page about a musical scores archive here.



… yeah, you guessed it. damn work keeps getting in the way of my hobbies. 😉


still converting stuff

added to the ramblings.


still converting stuff

yes, still moving stuff here.


dan’s memorial

moved dan’s memorial into its new spot.


still converting stuff

spent way too much time today playing with converting my links definitions from htmlpp to wml. not really happy with the result, but there’s at least a temporary solution in place that let me move my mris rant into the ramblings section.


mozart k. 545

if you look in the scores, you’ll see that i’m working a bit on a mozart piano sonata.


dsl fun

my dsl went out wednesday, came back on for a couple of hours that night, then went out again. i called the isp, who called the dsl provider, who called the phone company, who got the chickens and candles ready for the ritual. of course, being the phone company, they won’t have them ready until monday, when they’ll arrive sometime between 8:00am and 5:00pm. (what do people do who have to leave the house to go to work?) in the meantime, dsl goes up and down, and my ability to get on the net is spotty at best.



i decided to get a new (musical) keyboard (see the misc section of the photos). while i was at it, i needed a new vcr. well, hey — i’ve got this 21″ monitor now, so why not get a tv card so i can play the vcr on the big screen? well, why not a dvd player?…

anyway, i spent a bunch of today putting it all together. i should get back to work sometime…

new in october 2000

and you thought i was slacking! 😉

i’ve actually been spending way too much time working on my pages instead. i finally got dsl, and have pointed jeffcovey.net at my machine and have been playing with the fact that disk space is no longer much of a limitation. most of the work is in converting my old pages to my new site, though, so don’t look for too much that’s new. i have added a few notes to some scores, though. 🙂

watch your head; there’s still a lot of contstruction going on around here.



final photos of als are up. i just got home — said nite! to the channel!, and now i’m off to crash.



as threatened, i’ve put up some photos of als.


in atlanta

i’m in atlanta for als. spent all day in an osdn site director’s meeting. the show starts tomorrow; maybe i’ll remember to take some photos.


air on the g string

i bought a bunch of scores recently, and i just started entering the air from bach’s third orchestral suite in mudela.


photos of my backyard

i took some photos from the back window of my house some time ago, never got around to putting them up until now.


where am i (still!)?

so i met this great guy in oklahoma city and i thought things were going well between us. we were both excited about seeing each other after we got back home (me to baltimore, him to philadelphia). but i paid too much attention to him, he felt smothered, and he met someone else. i’m sorry to see him go, but hope they’re happy.

anyway, i spent some time being rather bummed about that. mainly, though, i’ve been doing another round of simplifying. while i was on my trip this summer, i took a step back and looked at what i’ve been doing, and i’ve had my hand in way too many pots. since i got back, i’ve been slowly extracting myself from several of them, finding new people to do the jobs and helping them get started. i’m making good progress and starting to feel some weights lifted off my shoulders as a result. it would be nice to get down to just

throw in a new romance that lasts longer than a week, and that would be plenty to occupy my time. 🙂

new in september 2000

where am i?

sorry i’ve been mia. came home to a bunch of work, fleas, etc. bleh. still playing catch-up.


final trip photos

i’m home; the last of the trip photos are up.

new in august 2000

yet more photos

newport beach, pacific coast hiway, san diego.


still more photos

added photos of my last days in palm springs, my day in newport beach, and my trip down the pacific coast hiway.


palm springs photos

in palm springs now; put up some photos.


san francisco photos

i’ve put up the photos of my day in san francisco.


more lwce photos

put up more photos.


lwce photos

so i’m on the road in california. the first part of the trip involves booth time at linuxworldexpo in san jose; i’ve snapped a bunch of photos.


brahms again

i added some more notes to the bass line of the intermezzo.


simplex photos

there’s like these three guys, you know? and they’ve moved into a geek simplex together. and they have kittens. and i have photos.

new in july 2000

brahms intermezzo

someone asked when i was going to start working on the brahms intermezzo again, so i’ve started. 🙂 added a few more notes tonight.


london trio notes done!

all the notes are entered! now i just need to look at merging them into one file and proofreading them.


more druid hill photos

took more photos of druid hill park.


photos of my neighborhood

took a walk yesterday morning, and remembered to take the camera along and snap some photos.


london trio 3 done!

finished adding the notes to the last trio. i have to go back and enter an alternate version of the slow movement of the first trio, then they’ll all be done.


tracking the wild housecat

one of my cats has been picking a new sleeping place every hour or two. i’ve taken some photos of her movements.


cookout photos

went to a cookout today, took lots of photos.


trip to california

it looks as though i’m headed on a longish trip next month — first to san jose, california for linuxworldexpo, then down to los angeles/palm spring to visit friends for two weeks, then several days in oklahoma city before returning home. spent a fair bit of time today making arrangements.



i’ve added a pager you can use to send me an instant message if the stars are aligned correctly.


photos of the downtown commercial district

went for an eye appointment today, took some photos of a section of downtown that’s at the heart of a controversy.


2nd movement of london trio done

i finished adding the notes of the second movement.


london trio #3 problems

making some progress with the short cadenza section of the second movement. i asked the gnu-music mailing list for some more help.


more on london trio #3

finished the exposition of the third movement.


more on london trio #3

i did half of the second movement and found i didn’t know how to write the cadenza in mudela. waiting to hear from the gnu-music mailing list. in the meantime, got impatient to hear something, and started on the third movement. 🙂


more photos of druid hill park

went to druid hill park today. got a sunburn. took photos of the park and the burn. 🙂


london trio 1st movement done

the first movement’s done.


agape house donated computers, london trio

i took some photos of the stacks of donated computers at the agape house today.

also added some more notes to the london trio.


dalai lama

went down to d.c. today to hear the dalai lama speak (sorry i didn’t think to take the camera). exposed myself to much more sun than i usually see, and came home exhausted. sorry; not up to adding to the site today.


more on london trio 3

i added some more notes to the first movement of the 3rd london trio. see the scores section.

new in june 2000

photos of fort mchenry

i went out to fort mchenry today, took some photos.


photos of keyboard crud

i took some photos of crud that came out of my keyboard. aren’t you lucky?


photos of anthony’s house

i was over at one of the gits kids house’s yesterday, and he took some photos for his webpage.


haydn london trio #3

finished the first section of the first movement.


haydn london trio #3

added some more notes.


digital camera

spent way too much time tonight scripting my photos section. lots of new photos there, all with annotations.


mris again

just had to pass along something i heard about mris. sooooooooo glad i don’t have to have anything to do with that anymore.


haydn london trio #3 started

added a few notes from it.


haydn london trio #2 midi file fixed

hey hey! lilypond can make tempo changes in midi files. i’ve fixed the file so the last section is allegro.


quite a day…


  1. today was the fourth anniversary of dan‘s death.
  2. i went out for my morning walk and was stopped and questioned by two police officers who wanted to know why i was walking in my own neighborhood.
  3. i met a guy at gay pride day (two days ago). i thought we hit it off, and i wasn’t eager to spend today by myself (see 1.), so i called him at his office to ask if he wanted to get together after work. he shouted that i was bothering him, chewed me out for calling him at work, and slammed the phone down in my ear as i was in mid sentence.

so i don’t think i’ll beat up on myself too much for not adding anything to my webpages today. 🙂


haydn london trio #2

all done, except for a squiggly line.


haydn london trio #2

added another variation.


haydn london trio #2

added another variation.


haydn london trio #2

added another variation.


digital camera

yep; the dreaded day has come. i bought a digital camera. prepare for an onslaught of out-of-focus photos of cats. the first few are in photos; i’ll start adding annotations to them when i get a chance.


simplicity and television

i’ve added a usenet post about my feelings about television.


haydn london trio #2

finished the first section.

new in may 2000

haydn london trio #2

started work on it; see the scores section.


gnupg public key

may almost gone! where does the time go? well, anyway… i now have a gnu privacy guard public key. please use this instead of my pgp key.

new in april 2000

dynamic markings on hollow fields 2

i added the dynamic markings.


notes finished on hollow fields 2

finished entering the notes.


still more on hollow fields 2

more notes in the middle voices.


still more on hollow fields 2

finished the notes of the bass and melody parts.


still more on hollow fields 2

finished the notes through the first page of the manuscript.

new in march 2000

more on hollow fields 2

added more notes to hollow fields 2.


hollow fields 2

started notating hollow fields 2, a piano piece i wrote for a friend of mine.


more on journey to ixtalpa

yep, added more notes. both parts are up to measure 46 now, though they don’t have all their notes.


10 days since my last update?

really? well, i have been busy, after all. and yesterday, i did what i usually do when i have too much to do — i did something completely unnecessary and unrelated to any of it. yesterday, i bought an oak filing cabinet at staples. it came in 89 pieces and a bottle of glue, and i spent the whole afternoon putting it together. i think it’s very attractive! 🙂 it’s sitting next to a box full of all the papers that should someday be filed in it.


more on journey to ixtalpa

guess what?


more on journey to ixtalpa

yet more notes.


more on journey to ixtalpa

added some more note to journey to ixtalpa in the scores section.


london trio 2nd mvmt articulations

worked on the the articulations for the second movement.

new in february 2000

london trio articulations

my, how time flies. finished the articulations on the first movement.


london trio articulations

finished the articulations in the development section of the first movement (except for one problem crescendo i’ve asked the gnu-music-discuss list about).


london trio articulations

finished the articulations in the expo of the first movement.


more trio stuff

played more with my trio fragment, gave it a better stopping place.


trio stuff

  1. started adding slurs, articulations, etc. to the london trio.
  2. got to playing with notes, threw in a fragment of an original trio.

where have you been this time?

went to linuxworld conference & expo in new york. hung out in the andover booth, threw lots of foam boomerangs, found out andover’s been acquired. did the 5 hour (rob)limo ride home to stay up until midnight clearing out the freshmeat queue. slept on-and-off all day. currently wildly incoherent. off to find food…

new in january 2000

london trio — 3rd mvmt. notes done

finished adding notes to the third movement.


london trio — 2nd mvmt. notes done

finished adding notes to the second movement.


london trio — 3rd mvmt. started

made a start on the 3rd movement.


london trio — more on 2nd mvmt.

added some more notes to the 2nd movement.


london trio — 2nd mvmt. started

made a start on the 2nd movement.


london trio — 1st mvmt. notes done

finished adding the notes for the 1st movement. need to fix clefs and add dynamics, etc.


more on london trio

finished the exposition.
[time goes by.]
finished the development section.
should be doing other things, but this is rather addictive…


haydn london trio #1

started work on the score to haydn’s first london trio.


more on ravel string quartet

added a (very) few notes to the ravel quartet.


cleaned up scores

i’ve cleaned up the scores a bit, especially the ravel quartet and lagrima (though lagrima still needs some work) and i added a few more notes to the quartet.


andante largo by sor

i’ve updated my score files to the latest version of mudela, and started notating a beautiful andante largo by sor.


weight graph ready for a new millennium

i’ve made my weight script y2k-compliant, and cleaned up the appearance of the output a bit.


happy new year!

i’ve moved all the what’s new listings from last year onto their own page, and cleaned up a little bit of the cruft that’s been laying around here. hope the new year is wonderful for you.

new in december 1999

converting all your email to text

i’ve described how i convert all the mail i receive to text, for anyone who would like to do the same.


yahoo! bill pay

roblimo asked me to write about my yahoo! bill pay experience for slashdot, but then he decided not to use it, so i’ve put it up as rambling.

new in november 1999

a rambling on death and burial

i’ve added a rambling about what’s best to do with our bodies once we’re done with them.

new in october 1999

yet another otr link

just ran across a webring of old time radio pages.

btw, it’s halloween. you should be getting out your copy of the war of the worlds and listening, no?


another otr station on the net

someone sent me a link to another old time radio station on the net.



mutopia is now online! it’s a place for people to put public domain scores typeset with lilypond. a few of my scores are there now.


new poem

i added a new poem to the poetry section.


where have i been?!?

away at a convention, traveling to acton, sick with the flu… but the main complication was that my main hard drive failed, so i had to switch over to strictly using the second drive (and decided to give debian a try), restore the backups, find that they weren’t as complete as i’d hoped… (*sigh*)

things are mostly better now.

new in september 1999

so long away!

so what have i been up to all this time? well…

  • i went to oklahoma city for labor day weekend. spent a lot of time with happy couples, was reminded how unhappy i am to no longer be part of a couple, had the worst meltdown since right after dan died. luckily, i met some wonderful friends who helped me through it. have been dealing with the fallout from that ever since.
  • started working on freshmeat, got very busy between that and ldc.
  • watched as my old and long-suffering hard drive finally gave up the ghost. this seemed a good opportunity to try debian. spent a couple of days learning that debian package management with apt is great, but installation and upgrades are a loooooong process…
new in august 1999

larghetto by sor

the bcgs needed another score, so i notated a larghetto by sor.


more of journey

added some more notes to journey to ixtalpa.


agape house online

so what lame excuse do i have now for not updating my pages? it’s a pretty good one, actually: http://agape.qis.net/


scores reorganized

you should actually be able to find your way around the scores now.



put up some thoughts about yuppies.

new in july 1999


i’ve made a link on each of my pages to http://www.thehungersite.com/. once a day, you can click on a button there, and a serving of food will be provided to someone who needs it.


carcassi 2 begun

the first half of the score to carcassi etude 2 is up.


one plate, one fork, one spoon

i added an explanation of the phrase “one plate, one fork, one spoon”.



i’ve begun a new section on voluntary simplicity.

new in may 1999

otr update

back from http://www.linuxexpo.org/, and ready to rumble…

i see that yesterday usa has its own domain now! i’ve updated the link on my old time radio page. be sure to follow the link to yahoo! there as well; they have an otr subcategory called “internet broadcasts” now, which will hopefully be populated with even more good stuff in the future…


what i’ve been doing…

sorry again for the lack of new stuff here… i started a new job for andover.net back in february, and have been devoting a lot of time to it. if you like, you can take a look at the fruits of my many labors at linux.davecentral.com. the majority of the entries in the software database there are mine, so you know whom to blame… 🙂


carcassi study 10

i have the first half of the score of carcassi study number 10 done.

new in april 1999

photo of my house

wow! has it really been a whole month since i did something here? sorry; work’s been really demanding of my time. at any rate, i’ve added a photo of my house for the sake of someone in california who said “what’s that?” when i told him i live in a rowhome. 🙂

new in march 1999

new look

yikes! it’s been a loooong time since i did anything here. it’s been for lack of time, not ideas. well, at least i’ve invested part of my spring break time in redoing the look a bit…

new in february 1999

my schedule online

thanks to yahoo!, you can now have a look at my schedule. useful if you’re trying to schedule a meeting with me, or are just inordinately curious.


musical scores archive plans

prompted by discussion of my scores on rmcg, i’ve put up some preliminary discussion about the music archive i’ve been planning for the last few months.


caged guitar scales book

i’ve started working on the booklet i want to write about the caged system of scales and chords on the guitar.


o magnum mysterium

i’ve started entering the score to victoria’s setting of “o magnum mysterium”.


counterpoint final finished

i finished entering the notes to my two-part invention. maybe at some point i’ll get around to inserting the commentary about it.


counterpoint final

i’ve started entering the score of the two-part invention i wrote as the final project of the counterpoint class i took at umbc.


glass rambling

i have a new rambling related to the selling of alcohol in glass containers.



sorry for the delay in adding to the pages. i’ve had continual problems with my legs for the last couple of weeks, and have been limiting the time i spend sitting at the computer. i’ll be opening a new section soon.

new in january 1999

sor minuet update

fixed some note shifting problems in the sor minuet score.


geekcode update

updated my geekcode to match my current circumstances.


sor minuet score

notated the score to a sor minuet.


journey to ixtalpa continued

a friend returned the score to journey to ixtalpa which he had borrowed, so i started fixing some things on it. (i’d been working before from an early draft of it.)


new what’s new page

redid this what’s new page with a table layout. added this what’s new item just so i could say i added something to the site today. 🙂


free websites ramble

got back from my vacation tonight and found there had been some problems related to a freshmeat redesign; i wrote a ramble about it.

new in december 1998

more poems

put up a couple more poems.


graph of my weight

i’m going to start weighing myself twice a week and putting up a graph showing how my weight changes over time. i’ve put up some not-very-satisfactory reasons for why i’d bother.


ravel sonatina score

started notating the score to my guitar trio arrangement of the second movement of ravel’s piano sonatina.


blank manuscript paper

made a most important addition to my scores page.


journey to ixtalpa score started

started notating the score to journey to ixtalpa in mudela.


ravel quartet

added a few more measures to the ravel quartet on the scores page.


html tutorial

i gave my html tutorial at umbc again today, and got around to cleaning up the notes for it a bit and putting them online. (removed 10/2004.)


carulli duet in g notes done

finished entering the notes for the carulli.


carulli duet in g

i’ve started notating a short duet by carulli on my scores page.

new in november 1998

other pages

as you may have guessed, lately most of my webwork time has been spent on other people’s pages. if you go to the list of other pages i’ve done, you’ll have a few more have been added recently.


small, useful linux things

i’ve updated my linux pages a bit, starting a section of small, useful linux things.



my linux users group now has its own server, pieced together with hardware donations from the group, for which i’m acting as webmaster. come check it out!


mris updates

i’ve got some updates on the mris situation, if you’ve been following that.

new in earlier

new message board

i now have a new and much improved message board run with wwwthreads. go here and talk it up!


musical scores!

hey, hey! lilypond version 1.0 is out! i’m starting to make scores and put them up here. come check them out.


opencontent release

all the original content of this website, including the music, is now released under the opencontent license. the opl accomplishes the same things as the gpl, but is less tied to software-related language.


more rpms

i finally got around to setting up the ftp site on diligent again, and put some of the rpms i’ve made there. follow the link on the linux page.



started putting up some of my poetry.


link to my computer at home

made a link to my home computer so you can connect to it if it’s online.


chord forms chart

whoops, forgot to put up the guitar chord forms chart that i did last september. may as well get it up here, since who knows when i’ll get the whole project done?


new look

i’ve redone the whole place with pieter hintjen’s most righteous htmlpp. you can read more about it on the web design page.

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